Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yanagi Sushi

Sushi... I've had some of the best in Japan so having sushi anywhere else in the world just isn't the same. I gotta admit though, Yanagi Sushi comes pretty close.

Yanagi is known as one of the best Sushi restaurants in Honolulu. A friend took me there for my birthday once. We tried different types of Sushi rolls from soft-shell crab to spicy tuna. Oishi! (Delicious)


Patty said...

Soft shell crab. Yum. Ours will be coming in soon.

Is the living sushi? I saw that on TV a few weeks ago. I don't think I could eat anything that was still moving.

hensly said...

No, the sushi was quite dead... Thank God! Maryland soft shell crab huh? I don't really like crab, but I know that Maryland has some of the best!