Monday, February 18, 2008


Hawaii drivers license used by Fogell in the movie "Superbad".
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Update: 12/8/07

The Mayor has asked Hawaii Wal Mart stores to remove the "Superbad" DVD boxed sets from shelves. Apparently, the set includes a replica of the fake Hawaii DL that is used by McLOVIN in the movie :)

Original Post: 9/7/07

I don't agree with the basic premise of "Superbad", but even I had to laugh at Mclovin's drivers license!

If you look closely at McLOVIN's DL you'll see that he lives at 892 Momona St. In Google maps, you won't find Momona Street but you will find Momona Place in Waianae. For those of you unfamiliar with Waianae, lets just say that McLOVIN wouldn't last too long in Waianae :)

Yes, this is based on an actual Hawaii drivers license and yes, I did have a license like this one and yes, it did have a rainbow on it. The state decided to change the Hawaii DL becuase it contained a persons social security number. You won't find that on the new Hawaii DL. However, you'll still find the rainbow...


Anonymous said...

Just another day in Hawaii North East? izzat it?

hensly said...

Right now, "Lucky We Live Hawaii" is mainly focused on Oahu. However, I'm looking to include the other islands as well. Look for blogs on Maui and Kauai soon!