Monday, June 16, 2008

Pali Lookout

One of the most prominent stories of survival from a fall off the Pali was by local evangelist Danny Yamashiro .

Urban legend: A person once jumped off the Pali lookout to commit suicide. The winds was so strong that the person was blown back up to the observation deck. I guess it wasn't his time yet!


Jennifer said...

Alooohaaa! I dunno if I can call you 'Hensly,' but you've got a good blog going! You take great pics; it's giving me an inadequacy complex- nah.

Mahalo for sharing the blog with me!

hensly said...

Sure, you can call me Hensly (My nickname). Your blog looks great also!

Craig on Saddle Hill... said...

Actually, I'm not sure that story about the jumper being blown back up by the wind is an urban legend. When I lived in Kailua in the mid 1960s, someone accidentally fell off the edge and was blown back.

And more than one Pali jumper has been saved from death by landing in the trees below.

hensly said...

Thanks for the comment Craig. You're right, there are confirmed reports of people who have survived a fall from the Pali Lookout. Most notably would be the story of Danny Yamashiro (See blog for link)