Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lydgate Park

Lydgate Park is neither the nicest nor the cleanest beach on Kauai but there are several things that make this park unique in the entire state.

I took this photo during sunrise. Yup, today is going to be a good day!

Lydgate beach has a man-made rock cove that protects swimmers from the rough surf and is perfect for snorkeling. This cover reminds me of the ones found at Magic Island and Ko' Olina.

A Heiau is sacred ground for Hawaiians. Hikinaakala means "Rising of the Sun".

I was surprised how well preserved this Heiau was - being that it was next to a public park. If this were on Oahu, heiau or not it would be trashed!

The beach was littered with the debris from trees. Entire tree trunks and huge branches litter the beach. It was almost like Hurricane Iniki had struck again!


Missy said...

I think I've been to Lydgate park but I'm not sure but I remember Wailua River. I like Kauai it's pretty laid back but it's peaceful and it's a better place to relax. Now I miss Hawaii so much!

hensly said...

Hey Missy, hope all is well in Japan. Lydgate Park is where Waialua River meets the ocean. Yeah, I like how laid back Kauai is also!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Sometimes fallen trees look good too! Check the following link out!!

Tree Surprise in a Dam Backwater

hensly said...

I saw your blog, neat pic!