Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hawaii Superferry

Update: Superferry officials have decided to suspend service to Hawaii and lay-off over 200 employees... dealing another blow to Hawaii's economy. On Monday, The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that Act 2, (which allowed the Superferry to operate during the EIS) was unconstitutional and effectively shut down ferry service to the islands.

Original Post: 12/27/08: Here are some pics from my last trip to Maui on the Superferry.

Vehicle hold

Entering the Superferry

Molokai on the left

Passenger seating

As I'm writing this, I'm bobbing up and down as the Superferry crosses the Kaiwi Channel. Sitting in the cabin facing the bow, the large panoramic windows provide a great view of the ocean ahead. The last time I was on the Superferry I was on the boat for 10 hours! (Superferry Trip - Kauai). As much as I enjoy a good boat ride, I'm hoping that the trip goes the regular 3 hours. I took some dramamine just in case.


Patty said...

That's a bummer. On the bright side, at least for me, I love your photos.

hensly said...

Thanks Patty, I really appreciate your comment (coming from a photo journalist).I enjoy your photos and blog also!