Thursday, February 14, 2008

Giovanni's - Shrimp Truck

You know, I'm not a shrimp-person...

In fact, like some Asians I know I also have a mild allergic reaction when I eat shrimp. I get this scratchty and tingly feeling on my tongue and throat when I eat certain types of seafood.

Does that stop me from eating at the world-famous Giovanni's Shrimp Truck? Not really actually. I noticed that their garlic shrimp is so oily and full of garlic that the shrimp does not seem to affect me as much.


Eyeluv Seagars said...

Cool Blog. Plannin on move back to the islands bumbye. Get too much chicken skin in CA. Check out my blog if you like bra, 2cigarsamonth.blogspot.

hensly said...

Thanks for the comment. Your blog is pretty cool too.

Former island boy huh? Let me know if theres anything you want to see on this Hawaii blog - Leave a comment. Shoots! K-den!