Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yeah, I know I kinda cheated choosing WATER as my subject when Hawaii is surrounded by the Pacifc Ocean. As I was taking photos earlier this week it started raining, which hasn't happened in a few weeks. Great for our water supply and crops, not so great for the tourists in Waikiki!

Snorkeling in front of Ala Moana Beach Park

Even though I've lived in Hawaii for my entire life I need to be honest, I'm not be best swimmer. Yet even that won't stop me from getting into the water!

Irrigation ditch - Waialua

Living on an island, water is truly a precious resource. At times when rainfall is scarce we will hear "Uncle Jerry" on the radio preaching to us to conserve water - sponsored by the Board of Water Supply.

Bamboo Forest - Waimea Stream

Kewalo basin - Diamond Head in the background

Japanese Koi - Ala Moana Center

Aboard the Superferry Alakai - Nawiliwili Harbor

Waterfalls at Hilton Hawaiian Village

Makapu'u Lighthouse

Humpback whales can be viewed from the trail to the lighthouse.

Outrigger canoe in front of Turtle Bay resort

Every year, it seems to get hotter and hotter in Hawaii. Getting into the water is one way we like to relax and cool off.

Rainbow bridge in Haleiwa - where countless Hawaii folk would dive into the river below to beat the heat.

Diving off of Waimea Rock - A summer pastime in Hawaii

Isabella (L-5) at Laniakea Beach

Every time I go to the North Shore I always make it a point to go Lani's (also called Turtle Beach) to get a great photo of the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

Dolphin Quest - Kahala Hotel

Shave Ice - Matsumotos

Ice Skating in Oahu? - Across from Aloha Stadium, Ice Palace is home to Hawaii's only ice skating rink.

Thirsty for more? - How about some Hawaii Water ?


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Great Shots Hensley!! Each and every shot is wonderful.
I love the bamboo forrest and that sea turtle is just amazing. Loved the shot of the dolphin being fed :)
Is that you snorkeling? Priceless!!
Great subject this week by the way.
Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Gordon said...

You certainly picked a great theme, and represented it very well. Thanks for the great shots.
Walk With Faith,

Jama said...

We have 2 things in common, I'm from an island called Singapore and can't swim well despite being surrounded by the sea, but I love to be near the beach!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful island.

Barry said...

The shot of the stream through the bamboo forest was exquisite. A lovely shot.

And yes you were cheating. Any photo of Hawaii and water gets the prize!

GingerV said...

Hensly - good morning, are you even up yet. How far behind Houston are you in time? even though I love photos of the sea, lakes, rivers, my favorite here is the bamboo forest. nice photos all.

Doreen said...

lovely look around where you live, paradise. loved the bamboo forest pic! wonderful choice for a assignment, it has been fun.

Anonymous said...

oh, I am so envious. I would so love to live in Hawaii. At the very least, I would love to take a vacation on those gorgeous islands.
Your pictures were more fuel for my fire to my husband of why we NEED to go! LOL!

I loved this assignment this week - great choice!

Kelly said...

Hey neighbor- First- I love that bridge! I had no idea it even existed! I will have to make a trip and I'll have to take the kids to jump off that rock! haha. Great theme this week too! It was my favorite! My favorite picture was the turtle of course! I love turtle beach! I have seen Isabella a few times! I have a friend that volunteers at that beach! The turtles are such cool creatures! So calm and pretty! Great job with the photos. I'm off to see more...

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I have been scrolling up and down trying to decide which picture is my favorite, but you have sooooo many fabulous ones, that I am stumped and just have to say that I love them ALL. You are not only surrounded by water, but wonderful places of water. It is a hands-down win here, I love all your shots the best this week, and I just have got to get my hubby to fly me over to Hawaii one of these days! It looks spectacular. I recently got interested in Hawaii lei making, and found some fantastic old books from Marie MacDonald on Ebay, signed by her too! I am thrilled with them, and want to start learning how to make leis, in ribbon right now, but some in flowers later. Wouldn't that shock the germans if I started to walk around town with them on my neck, then they would really think I was "that crazy american gal that lives here in town". :-)

hensly said...

Reggie-Girl - Thanks! This was a fun subject for me and an easy one also!

Gordon - Thanks for your comment, you're right, we all need to "Walk in Faith".

Jama - Thanks for checking out my little island. One day I would like to visit Singapore.

Barry - The Bamboo forest shot was one of my favorites also. Mahalo!

GingerV - I believe Hawaii is 5 hours behind Houston. I suppose its good afternoon / good evening to you!

Doreen - I definately had fun with this assignment, though I kinda put it together hastily last night!

Jen - You should definately come to Hawaii to visit. i'm sure you and your husband will love it here.

Kelly - Howzit neighbor! Yeah, jumping off Waimea is fun though I haven't done it in a while. You should go in the summer now that the waves are small.

Debby - I think its great that you're learning how to make leis, in Hawaii its becoming a lost art. most people can now go to Wal Mart or Costco for leis but the best ones are hand made straight from the garden!

Patty said...

A little late getting around to everyone. What a week!

I have seen your photography skills improve since you joined us, Hensly. This is an excellent shoot, and really shows off your part of the world in a most excellent way.

I would love to stay at that Hilton.

The fish are gorgeous. They look like a painting.

Nice surfer.

Love the Superferry shot. Nice clouds captured.

Gosh, you captured everything beautifully.

I love forward to your next shoot out. What fun!

REDLAN said...

Thanks for the water shoot out. Philippines is in western Pacific Ocean and I love water very much like you I can't swim too.

I like the shot of the lighthouse and that shave ice dried my throat. it's still summer in my country.

Zaroga said...

Really nice photos, Hensly. I really want to go back to Hawaii for a visit.

ROSIDAH said...

Wonderful watery scenes! Thank you for picking such a great theme. Water is one of my favorite objects. Have a nice week :)

hensly said...

Patty - Thanks! I always appreciate your comments.

REDLAN - Hope all is well in the Philippines, Thanks!

Zaroga - Come on over!

ROSIDAH - Have a nice week also!

J9 said...

Hensley - thank-you for this week's theme, I loved it, and your shave ice made my mouth water!