Friday, March 27, 2009

National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific

Friday Photo Shoot Out - Graveyards
Topic by Barry

Every Friday, I have been invited to post photos based on a particular subject. (Thanks Patty!) This weeks subject is graveyards, chosen by Barry in Canada (see above link) . I've enjoyed viewing pictures and perspectives from around the world. Now I want to show a glimpse of what Hawaii has to offer - Enjoy!

Some say that everything in Hawaii is beautiful... even the graveyards. Today I feature Hawaii's most scenic cemetary on a most beautiful day!(Photos taken with a Sony Ericsson W850i camera phone)

To respect the sanctity and dignity of this solemn place, I will keep the commentary to a minimum.


Patty said...

Thanks for joining us on our shoot out. We have another one coming up next week, though I am not sure if Butler or Bagman picked the subject matter. Sounds a little like Bagman took over, and that was a joke. I will have to check, because I don't think I have time to camp out and shoot in Safari mode.

Anyway, your photos are beautiful. I love the torch. Certainly no need for commentary while taking a quiet stroll. Besides, we have no rules. Sometimes I have time for text, sometimes I don't.

I think the point is to be able to share our nice towns and cities across the globe.

Hope you can join us on future shots to show off all the nice things Hawaii has to offer.

What a wonderful tribute your state has given to our fallen soldiers. I love the shot of the one guy in from of the monument.

Kelly said...

Aloha Neighbor! I love your pictures, wouldn't it be funny if we were both there ar the same time? My pics were also taken here. I love your photos!

hensly said...

Howzit Kelly!

How funny! I was there last week weds. I remember seeing the flag at half-mass also. Small island huh? Your photos came out awesome, take care!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the way you framed that stone with the tree's branches is just stunning.