Monday, June 8, 2009


Mauka and Makai (towards the mountains and the ocean)

Mokuleia shoreline

Sea cave

On the other end of Oahu's North Shore you will find Mokuleia. This is where the first season of the TV show LOST had been filmed. Mokuleia is also a popular place to bring your 4x4 to go off-roading. I gotta bring my 4Runner there one day!


Missy said...

What a magnificent shots, I've never been to Mokuleia yet and I haven't been to that sea cave :-(

Patty said...

Beautiful, Hensly. You always have such interesting photos.

Except for the person on the beach and the one car, in the first photo you would think no one lived for miles around.

Great shots.

I am trying to play catch up today. Boy, have I been behind!

Jama said...

It's a beautiful place, looks so peaceful and quiet there.

Chele said...


hensly said...

Missy - Yeah, most people go to Haleiwa and not Mokuleia. The sea cave isn't very big but makes a great photo.

Patty - Mokuleia is one of the most remote places on Oahu. If you love unspoiled nature, that is the place for you!

Jama - Yup, it is also a great place to star gaze at night due to little light-pollution.

Chele - Thanks for your comment!