Monday, April 20, 2009

La Mariana

Many locals have heard of La Mariana but have never been there. The restaurant can be found off of Sand Island access road fronting the reef runway. At times you can hear planes flying overhead departing Honolulu International Airport.

Balloon fish lantern

Being that it was still mid-morning, I just had a virgin Lava Flow. The Zombie and the Mai Tai here are pretty potent though... (so I've heard). Next time I'll get a picture of a drink in a tiki-glass.

Featured on Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Hawaii, this hard-to-find little dive is perhaps Oahu's last remaining authentic tiki-bar. Though I don't really drink, I did appreciate the decor of the joint - like something straight out of "Gilligan's Island". Some say its cheesy, others say its cool. I would have to agree with the latter.


Missy said...

I've never been to La Mariana during my stay there (what's wrong with me?? hahaha). I love mai tai, although I'm allergic alcohol I can still drink this LOL

hensly said...

Don't worry, most people in Hawaii haven't been there either! If I were back in Japan some sake and sushi would be oishi.