Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lost - Season One

I know what you're thinking, season five will be starting in January, why are you blogging about season one now? Well, for starters, I'm not a big Lost fan in the first place. Before yesterday, I don't think I ever watched an entire episode. I do however, have a little story regarding the first season.

Early 2003
Place: Mokuleia Beach
Time: Approximately 12:30am

A few friends and I were driving to meet others at a campsite near Mokuleia. We drove towards Camp Erdman in the dead of night. Being one of the most secluded areas on Oahu, the road was pitch dark with only our headlights and a glimmer of the moon to guide us. We could hear the waves crashing along the beach as we swerved to miss potholes in the road. All of a sudden, out of nowhere we see the remains of an airplane fuselage right on the side of the road.

I thought to myself "Oh, crap!","I don't remember hearing about a plane crash!" . We later realized that they were filming some obscure TV pilot somewhere on the North Shore. The same "obscure TV pilot" later became the phenomenon known as Lost.


REETRO said...

I think this story is rad as a huge fan of the TV show. hehe. Have you ever seen some casts as well?

hensly said...

I remember seeing Daniel Dae Kim at the Toyota dealership buying a car. He seemed like a cool guy. Most people who aren't familiar with Lost would just think he was a local.

One thing about Hawaii is that even if you are a star most folks will still respect your privacy and won't bother you like paparazzi. Well, that is unless your name is Barack Obama...

REETRO said...

Whoa, you did see him!? Did he speak English fluently then? Just kidding, haha. I know he's much better at it. Also, I understand why the public figures love to visit the islands, you know! ;)

hensly said...

Yeah, I saw him alright... he gave me a nod on his way to the restroom ;) So much for my brush with fame!