Thursday, May 14, 2009


Friday Photo Shoot-Out: Transportation
Topic by Science Girl

Simply called The Bus, Oahu is home of one of the best public transportation systems in the nation.

A picture of the now defunct Hawaii Superferry. I was lucky enough to be among the first and last people to ride the Superferry.

We have certain nicknames for newcomers to Hawaii: (Just Joking!)
FOB - Fresh Off the Boat
JOJ - Just Off the Jet

Dragon boat

Stand-up paddleboarder

Outrigger canoe - the original way to travel inter-island

The Bus and Trolley in Waikiki

Harley Davidson - Magic Island

This grassy hill may not look like much to you, but to me it holds a lot of memories. This is where I first taught myself how to ride a bike when I was little.

This 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS is one of the first to arrive on Oahu. (I just had to include this!)


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Why these are marvelous!!!! I love the dragon head boat and the surfer was a really cool take on things!!! Great job you've done here Lucky we like in Hawaii :)
You're snapshots are always delightful........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

hensly said...

Reggie-Girl - I found the Dragon boat in front of the Sheraton Waikiki lagoon. As for the Paddleboarder, I'll do a more thorough blog entry later. Thanks for your comment!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

wow, these photos ARE great. I wondered what everyone was going to come up with for this week's shoot out, it seemed a tough one. You came thru it with flying colors!! Great shots, all made really interesting. Enjoyed it from start to finish!! Debby

GingerV said...

Thank goodness you'all are posting early (well early for me) because I will not have time to read blogs tomorrow or Saturday, maybe Sunday morning before anyone gets up.
I want to learn to do outrigger - rowing - think they would let someone almost 60 do rowing.... loved all the photos.

Doreen said...

great series of ways to get around town! love the dragon boat......and the mustang.

Patty said...

I always enjoy visiting your part of the world, Hensley. Everything is so colorful and you mix things up so well, giving us a nice peak into life in Hawaii.

I think the winner is the dragon boat. I would like to sail that around Crisfield. That would be a hoot.

Patty said...

PS: My husband loves the Harley. I like the take you did on the bicycle. Nice shot.

Sarah Lulu said...

Yours look so much more exotic than mine!

I want to ride in the dragon boat and on that trolley!

Sarah Lulu

Barry said...

Wow, I've never seen stand up paddleboarding before. What a dramatic photo.

Missy said...

I like the dragon boat (I've never seen this during my stay in Hawaii hahaha) and the trolley too. I miss riding on "the bus" going to downtown Honolulu :-) Nice shots.

Kelly said...

You did a great job capturing Hawaii- Mine was a little hurried! I love the bike- it's by favorite! Although it's not moving, you can see where it might GO! Thanks for representing Hawaii- you did a great job!

gigi said...

Loved the grassy hill and the bike. Great pictures. Always so colorful. Just makes me want to come for a visit, like NEXT WEEK!!

Gordon said...

Very imaginative. I like the dragon.

J9 said...

I like that you included the hill where you learned to ride a bike - that's fantastic!

Elaine Dale said...

Love 'em all but the boats are my favorites.

Kim said...

Beautiful! Love the part about your first bicycle, great shot as well!

Patty said...

I came back to look at your photos again. Not sure how I missed that Camaro. That is awesome. Is it yours?

hensly said...

Thanks to everyone who left a comment - I'm sorry I'm unable to thank you all individually!

Patty - I WISH that Camaro was mine. However, I am lucky enough to have both a Camaro SS and a Corvette Z06 in front of my office!

Patty said...

SURPRISE! You get to pick our assignment for Friday, May 29. I am working on a site for info and lists:

It is not ready for prime time yet, but you can pick up some tips there when picking our assignment.

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Love all your photos, Hensly.

hensly said...

Hey Patty,

Next weeks theme will simply be WATER. I'll leave it up to everyones imagination on where they go with the theme!

Thanks again!