Friday, April 24, 2009


Topic by Hensly

In celebration of Earth Day this past wednesday, I chose to highlight nature in its most raw form. I wanted to showcase nature unadulterated by human hands and show photos that feature no sign of man-made items. Let me tell you, it was harder than I thought!

Manoa Falls trail starts by the entrance to the former Paradise Park and heads towards the mountains. The proximity from Honolulu make it a favorite place to hike for Oahu residents.

Mokuleia Beach on the North Shore of Oahu is where my old church would have their annual family camp.

Catepillar at Diamond Head (actual size)

This grassy trail leads to the parking lot of Tantalus lookout. The lookout features a magnificent view of the city of Honolulu in all its man-made glory. As for me, I think I enjoyed the grassy stroll than the lookout itself. You know what they say... "sometimes the journey is greater than the destination".

Waimea valley stream

Bird of Paradise

A friend and I must have spent an hour trying to taking photos of bees flying around. I wasn't able to get one in mid-air but I did get this nice one.

Kailua Beach Park is one of my favorite beaches on the island. My friends and I have had many beach parties at this beautiful shore.

***If you click on the above photo you'll see two swimmers in the water... "Darn humans, they always ruin the photo!" Nah! just joking!

Lanikai Beach has once been ranked the "Worlds best beach". With views like that, its not hard to see why. Not featured in this photo are the million-dollar oceanfront properties that have million-dollar views of the ocean. I guess you get what you pay for.

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GingerV said...

Hensly (did I get it right this time :)) very good. it is hard to find places not maked by man. I did a walk to 'tres picos' here last year - was beautiful - I kept picking up plastic water bottles that other hikers had left.... finally a couple of the men along took some of them off my hands.... I hope when you have your beach parties you clean every square inch of sand before going home to sleep it off.

hensly said...

Yes you're absolutely right GingerV, when we have our beach parties we try to "leave the beach cleaner than we found it" - then we go home and sleep it off :)

GigiSxm said...

dare i say perfect? beautiful shots

hensly said...

...Beautiful is a word I would use to describe your island of St. Maarten. Thanks for the comment Gigi!

Patty said...

Ah, now why did no one else think of doing something for Earth Day?

Great subject, and wonderful photos. You beaches are so beautiful.

I think I told you I have been around, but never to Hawaii. That tiki bar sounds like something worth coming for. I love the way you described it in both words and photos.

I just left another site in Germany. Every time I go there, I remember my trip there and how clean everything was. Not even a candy wrapper on the ground. I imagine Hawaii is the same way.

Well, everyone has their little places they would not want to highlight but America, in general, has a lot of litterbugs. I just don't understand it.

Let me get off my soapbox.

Thanks again for the great tour of Paradise. And save me a seat at that tiki bar.

hensly said...

Ah Patty... I wish that were the case... Unfortunately, even Hawaii has its share of litterbugs. I believe most Hawaii residents grow up with the value of protecting the "aina" (land), but not everyone. I have been to Japan and other places where not a speck of rubbish can be found. Hawaii can learn a lesson from them also.

P.S. - The photo of the Lava Flow drink at La Mariana is for you!

gigi said...

Hi Hensley, Good to meet ya. I am Gigi from "Afterthoughts" in Brunswick, Georgia., not to be confused with the beautiful Gisele from St Maarten. I think it's strange to have two Gigi's, but it's fun.

I started Friday Shoot Outs last week. I'm excited to get out and learn more about my Town and my camera!

Thanks you for these million-dollar views of your town! Just gorgeous!
Sunshine and smiles.

hensly said...

Great to have you on board Gigi! Thanks for the comment, I'm looking forward to seeing what Georgia has to offer!

Elaine Dale said...

The grassy trail reminds me of a scene in Anne of Green Gables - on which described trees laden with apple blossoms, Anne called it White Way.

Gordon said...

You showed me a perspective of Hawaii I've never seen before. You're right, the trail is beautiful. Honey bees are amazing creatures. We don't normally consider them as we view the tropical islands of Hawaii. Thanks for the great tour. Gordon

hensly said...

Elaine - I haven't read Anne of Green Gables, though the "White Way" sounds like a beautiful place!

Gordon - Hawaii has its share of tourist traps and spectacular views but to me, the beauty of Hawaii is found in its details.

Missy said...

Nice photos, I've never been to Lanikai beach but we always go to Bellows Beach I think this is the other side of Lanikai. I've never been to Manoa Falls too (what's wrong with me??) only waimea falls hahaha. Now I envy you coz you live in Hawaii and I left Hawaii...."lucky you live in Hawaii"