Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tantlus (by day)

Update: 9/10/08 @ 9pm:
A few friends and I went up to Tantalus to see the Honolulu city lights. Happy Honeymoon Lester & Sandra! I keep forgetting to bring my camera!... Next time!

View from Puu Ualakaa State Park

Part of the fun of Tantalus is simply getting there!

Wandering through the forest
In front of the lookout is a large grassy area great for picnics.

Waikiki and Diamond Head

Today was an especially hazy day. A city maintanance worker told me it was because of "VOG". The Hawaiian version of smog, it is actually volcanic polution from the recent eruption of Mauna Kea. Luckily for us, we have tradewinds to blow the vog out to sea.

Like most American cities, we also have our own "Lovers Lane". The place where couples go to... you know :) If Honolulu ever had one, Tantalus would be it. Beautiful during sunset, you can also view the Honolulu city lights when the sun goes down.

Upcoming... Tantalus by night!

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stephen said...

thanks for this photo man! i can't wait for your tantalus night photos.

the last time you, me and lester went up there was one the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen too bad we didn't bring our cameras that time. anyway, i'm looking forward to the sunset and evening photos from up there.