Friday, June 5, 2009

Honolulu Farmers Market

Friday Photo Shootout: Random
Topic by Robyn in Alaska

This week's RANDOM topic comes to us from the 49th state. Being from the 50th state, I decided to take some random photos of my own at the inaugural Honolulu Farmers Market.

Hawaiian blessing complete with ti-leaf cutting ceremony.

Right before the traditional Hawaiian blessing heaven poured out a blessing of its own - Rain!

Hawaiian Kupuna

The Mayor of Honolulu, Mufi Hanneman decided to stop by.


My Chinese friend's popo (grandmother) has the secret to long life: oatmeal, fresh papaya and exercise everyday!

Ono bentos (box lunch)

A check presented to the city to fund the Farmers Market

Though the state is facing a budget shortfall, I'm really glad that the City and State has partnered with local businesses to fund the Honolulu Farmers Market.


Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Hensley.......I love them all!! The flowers that you shot are so vivid it looks like I could reach right out and touch them. You have great talent for telling a story with pictures :)
Hope your weekend is filled with love, joy and laughter and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

GingerV said...

Hensley - happy friday... what are those red/orange flowers right below the big sunflowers - beautiful color. I like you focus on people. good job

Patty said...

What colorful photos! And so happy. You always make me smile.

I love farmer's markets. I would kill for a "real" mango. The ones we get in Maryland are terrible. Nothing like a fresh mango.

Your flowers are just beautiful.

Love it all, Hensly. Hawaii is such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing again!

Sarah Lulu said...

So colourful ....those flowers were amazing.

hensly said...

Reggie-Girl - Yeah, the flowers certainly gave some color to an otherwise dreary day.

GingerV - The red/orange flowers are called Heliconia Psittacorum (Heliconiacede) or "Petra" for short.

Patty - Mangos are in season here in Hawaii. You're right, there is nothing like a fresh mango!

Sarah Lulu - thanks for your comment!

Zaroga said...

Great photos. The fruit photos appeal to me most. Frank bought a papaya the other day and they tasted awful.. fresh fruit in Hawaii was so nice. The flowers are beautiful! I want some of the cookies :-)

No rainbow came with the rain? I never saw as many rainbows in the States as I did in Hawaii.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I enjoyed this little tour of the festival there in Honolulu!! I was checking out in detail the pictures of people wearing lei, since I just finished reading a book on the subject. How beautiful they are!! The photos of the flowers are the farmers market are just so vivid, wow they really jump out at one. Me and my camera are going to have to work on my photos a bit, cuz I don't think that they have enough color to them when compared to others'. Thanks for a lovely post once again this week!! I always love dropping by your blog. have a good weekend, Debby

Linda said...

It is the time of year to visit the markets. I agree with your grandmother about oatmeal being a good food and so are blueberries. That chocolate stand looked tempting. mmmmmmmmm! Flowers in Hawaii are always so full and vivid. It is really great to visit your blog. Enjoy the sunshine.

Missy said...

I miss "solo" papaya in Hawaii and also other tropical fruits like mangoes, mountain apple, pineapple, guava, rambutan, lychees and many more. I used to go to farmers market in downtown Honolulu every Tuesdays and Fridays, it's between Macy's and Ross Store :-) Thanks for sharing your photos.

hensly said...

Zaroga - I was looking for a rainbow after the light showers, it would have made a great photo!

Debby - Hope your lei-making is going well!

Linda - I like going to markets also, especially for the home-made local foods.

Missy - I heard of about the farmers market in downtown. The city wanted to expand the market by making it on Weds at the Blaisdell parking lot.