Friday, April 17, 2009

Grindz - Local Food

Now what does "grindz" mean? Not to be confused with "bump & grind", the term "to grind" means to chew your food or "to eat". Grindz is a local term for "food" or in particular - really good food! Here's just a sample of Oahu's favorite foods and the places to get them.

Friday's Shoot Outs: Native Foods and Restaurants Topic by Loida

Portugese sausage, eggs and rice - Breakfast of champions! Try to find this at a McDonald's outside of Hawaii.

Best pizza - Big Kahunas

Giovanni's - Best shrimp shack

I'm not a big shrimp fan but even I enjoyed Giovanni's garlic fried shrimp.

Best Shave Ice - Matusmoto's

Best Plate lunch - Rainbow Drive In

Best Hawaiian Food - Ono's

Best Malasadas - Leonard's Kapahulu

Leonard's makes a Malasada puff with custard filling. Who needs Krispy Kreme when we have Leonard's.

Best island snack - Spam Musubi

Andrew Zimmern, (the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel) has eaten some pretty gross stuff. However, for some reason he has an aversion to Spam. Now how can that be? Doesn't that piece of reconstituted pork wrapped in seaweed look delicious?

Best Food Court - Makai Market, Ala Moana Center

Makai Market is Hawaii's largest food court featuring cuisine from around the world.

Best Pupus (appetizers) - Side Street Inn

Best 24 hr Restaurant - Like Like Drive Inn

Best Sushi - Sushi Sasabune

Best Authentic Tiki Bar - La Mariana

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Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Girl, I soooo want some of that garlic fried shrimp and to go to the Like Like Drive In!!!
Great snaps and everything looks so good. Okay, I'm not totally sure about that Spam thing but people sure do love that stuff don't they?
What a great job and an awesome look at your local fare and beautiful town.
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

GingerV said...

good morning Loida - well morning from my part of the world. great tour. I made the mistake of looking at this and ReggieGirl before eating breakfast - now I won't be happy with my cracker and cheese. I love the Rainbow drive in. good show - hugs and kisses from Brasil

gigi said...

Oh how I want to go to some of those places TODAY! What great looking photos so full of beautiful colors! I love drive in's!
Thanks for making me so want to visit your town!

See ya in the sunshine!

Missy said...

Oh I miss all the food you posted here! I have tried all of them hehehe. My kids love the spam musubi so I have to make my own here. I love Leonard's malasadas and the garlic shrimp. Of course I love Big Kahuna's pizza. And where's McDonald's spam and egg meal? I miss that one too but I can cook that here so that's ok hahaha. Thanks for sharing your shootouts.

J9 said...

I'm hungry again - see what happens when my eyes feast on food all morning? I have to fix some breakfast NOW!

Patty said...

I'll have one of everything except the Spam. That was cute.

My favorite is the shrimp and rice. Is that sticky rice? I love sticky rice.

Love the shot you did of Big Kahunas. Classic.

Whatever that drink is, I will have several of those, please.

Thanks for the food tour around your town. One day, I am going to get to Hawaii and partake of all of those goodies! I'll buy you lunch.

Next week is an open assignment. That will be fun.

hensly said...

Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate it! (Loida really choose a great subject!) There are so many other places I want to show. I'm looking forward to seeing what topic everyone picks next week!

Gordon said...

Hey! You've got a set of dishes just like mine! The ones with the big M on the top cover. I have a 12 place setting! We spare no expense around here.
I've been through about ten blogs, now. Yours still made my mouth water! I guess we're bonded, now, you know, with the dishes and all. Nice Blog! Gordon

GigiSxm said...

Rice at McDs? really? wow! I so want that shrimp. And what is it with Hawaii and spam? it was referenced in some movies but i thought it was an exaggeration.

Enkelt said...

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You'll find dress designs there! Thanks! :)

Barry said...

Oh the agnoy. You've made so hungry!

Great pictures!

GingerV said...

Hensly sorry for messing with your name, no excuss - ONLY that I read sooo many blogs yesterday morning. I did go back and see if I had you address mixed with hers - I had Barry and B&B mix-up for a while.... no not the problem just old and well and old.