Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fat Boy's

Nestled in the new Waipio Shopping Center (near Costco) is Fat Boys Local Drive In. Their menu features the usual local favorites; Garlic Chicken, Beef Stew, Loco Moco etc... all made with a gourmet touch.

I went there during breakfast and tried their fried rice omelet plate. At $7.25 it was a bit pricey but the portion was enough for two. Oishi!!!!


REETRO said...

Looks YUM! I miss the American portions simply because my stomach has been still bigger than what it used to be before I traveled around the States two years ago... haha!

hensly said...

America may have bigger portions but Japan has better tasting food... period!

I still miss having Wagyu beef in Kobe, Tempura in Shinjuku, Udon in Shikoku, Takoyaki in Ueno... Onaka ga peco peco desu!