Friday, May 22, 2009

"Paint the town red" - Kaimuki

Friday Photo Shootout - "Paint the town red"
Topic by Gordon

When I first heard of this weeks assignment, I thought to myself "I'll just take pictures of anything red" and I just happened to be Kaimuki. It wasn't till later that I learned of the special significance that Kaimuki has with the color red. Read on!

First, I had to eat lunch so I decided to stop by a southern BBQ joint in Kaimuki that specializes in Memphis Style BBQ.

Check out the pig with the red surf shorts!

Pulled Pork Sandwich with tangy RED barbeque sauce.

RED Honolulu Weekly newsbox.

Itsy bitsy Spider-Man in original RED costume.

Toy cars all in Ferrari RED - Toys & Joys

RED Samurai helmet - Toys & Joys

RED shoe rack - Goodwill

Corner of Koko Head Ave / Waialae blvd.

The new home of Gecko Books - Just look for the RED Superman sign!

RED building

Radioactive RED Cuttlefish - Yum!

After some consideration, I decided to buy a strawberry soda rather than a strawberry Icee at the crack seed store.

Strawberry Short Cake - JJ Bistro

Kaimuki is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods on Oahu. On Waialae Blvd you'll find many great little shops and restaurants that I remember going to when I was young. While researching Kaimuki, I learned that one of the nicknames for Kaimuki is actually "Red Dirt Section" or even "Red desert" due to the abundance of Hawaiian red dirt in the area.


Chef E said...

Now I want BBQ, and I live in a state with none! Cool, I have not been to Hawaii, and have a question- have you eaten fiddlehead ferns there? I have a food blog, and posted about them, and someone from Hawaii told me ours were not true ferns...but, back to the your post, and the fact that you put a sign that said 'no turn on red'!

Thanks for the 'Water' theme, I will have fun with that one! My shoot out is on my TMI post...

The Pink Birdhouse said...

You have my mouth watering for some strawberry shortcake! :-) I loved our photos, I feel as if i have trully been on a little vacation in your town, seeing all the local spots, eating lunch, doing some shopping!! Wonderful!! A very nice job on the shoot out theme this week. I enjoyed it immensely. Debby

hensly said...

Chef E - No I can't say that I have eaten fiddlehead ferns here. I do remember watching a Anthony Bourdain episode in the Northwest where he ate some while camping though, looks tasty! Thanks for your comment!

Debby - Glad you enjoyed my little tour of Kaimuki!

Patty said...

Love that pig surfer!

Good idea on the red sauce.

Nice toys. I wanna play.

Ooo. I want some red shoes. High heels! I can just see me running around on assignments in red high heels, or any high heels for that matter.

Trickery on the white "no turn on red sign." That is using your imagination. I love it!

Nice store, and I so want one of those short cakes.

Great collection. Thanks for another tour of Hawaii.

Zaroga said...

I know I have probably driven through that neighborhood. We were stationed in Hawaii for about a year and a half... one of those tours that you want to last a full three years or more and it gets cut short. That was back in the mid 1970s. I'm sure a lot has changed.

I enjoyed your photos :-)

Missy said...

I'm missing Hawaii everytime I visit your blog hahaha. So funny you included the poster with the pig wearing red surf shorts hahaha. I've never been to Kaimuki yet :-(

Sarah Lulu said...

At morning tea today (with friends) we were all saying we want to go to Hawaii ..and your photos only confirm it!

GingerV said...

Hensly - good entry, strawberry shortcake - yikees I put on another pound just looking at them.... nearly $4.00 a piece - they must have to fly in the strawberries - or do you have home grown there?

J9 said...

I love that you researched the history AND found out that it is red dirt! My favorite shot is the pig poster at the BBQ joint!

hensly said...

Patty - Thanks! Kaimuki is one of my favorite places to eat and shop.

Zaroga - Yes, Hawaii has changed much since you have been here. you should come again!

Missy - Yeah, the owner of the restaurant told me I had to take a picture of the pig!

Sarah Lulu - There are some great deals to Hawaii right now.

GingerV - I believe they (JJ Bistro) fly-in the strawberries. There are some strawberry farmers in Hawaii though.

J9 - I lived in Hawaii my entire life yet I still learned something new about Kaimuki!

Kim said...

Nice job on painting Kaimuki Red, even though it is literally red already.