Friday, June 12, 2009

M is for....

Friday Photo Shootout: Letter M
Topic by; "Mama" Sarah Lulu in Australia

(Mama) Sarah Lulu from down under brings us today's subject in honor of her grandaughter "Matilda". So without further ado,

M is for...

Maui has become my new favorite Hawaiian Island. Not as crowded as Oahu yet not as country as Kauai - "Maui No ka Oi". Pictured above is the road to Haleakala when I brought my truck over on the Superferry.

Matsumoto's Shave Ice - A must-stop place on Oahu's North Shore

Manoa Valley is just minutes from Honolulu yet has the climate and weather of a tropical rainforest. The main campus of The University of Hawaii is also there.

Magic Island has a great view of Diamond Head and is right across the street from Ala Moana Center. In Hawaii, North Shore surf is relatively small in the summertime. However, surf on the South Shore has been as big as 8-10 ft.

Moanalua Gardens is a favorite place for Hawaii families to have a picnic. Pictured above is the famous Hitachi-tree.


Patty said...

I love that tree. "M"arvelous! But what I most love is the way you framed the first and third shot. That third shot is great.

Your photos always make me want to head right for Hawaii.

Have a wonderful weekend.

gigi said...

Man, what a tree, that is awesome! Lucky you. Beautiful, beautiful pictures!

Sarah Lulu said...

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate Matilda!

Love your photos ....just gorgeous.

Natalie said...

Wow! I love that tree!Very cool. ;D

hensly said...

Patty - I took the first shot on the way up to Haleakala (10,000 ft). I actually was able to drive my truck up there!

Gigi - Thanks for your comment!

Sarah Lulu - Thank for the great subject - as Patty said, "simply Marvelous!"

Natalie - The "Hitachi" tree is very popular with Japanese tourists also!

Zaroga said...

Beautiful photos! The tree is beautiful.

J9 said...

The tree is breathtaking!

Linda said...

Have you any idea how old the Hitachi-tree is? It looks as if it has been sitting in that place for a very long time. When I was little my mom used to watch the Arthur Godfrey Show from Hawaii and I always thought I would like to visit. Maybe one day. Maui seems to be the destination of my dreams. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.