Friday, June 19, 2009


Friday Photo Shootout: Metal
Topic by Audrey in Canada

I decided to park my car at the Hawaii Prince Hotel and found a parking meter that still had time in it (Sweet!). I left my truck there and took my bike (and my camera) and rode around Waikiki taking photos and looking like a tourist. I was supposed to go running with a friend in Waikiki but ended up taking these photos instead. Enjoy!

Bronze hula dancers - Hilton Hawaiian Village

Japanese light tank - US Army Museum, Waikiki

American M-1 tank

Howitzer Cannon

Da Store - Ilikai Marina

Little Mermaid

Finding Nemo?

Honolulu Advertiser Newsbox - Waikiki

Barbed Wire

Radio Flyer

I came back to my truck and noticed I still had 1:45 left. The meter hadn't moved at all since I came. Free parking in Waikiki? What is this world coming to?


Sarah Lulu said...

Really really enjoyed your shots different from mine!

AND maybe you could have parked there forever for free?

Chele said...

Sweet! These are great and so different from the stuff we have around here.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

I love the shot down the barrel of the tank, fabulous! And the little mermaid. But that Finding Nemo one, love that one best! (what a great movie it was too, I even like to sit and watch it by myself without using the kids as an excuse why it is on the TV!). I missed your shoot out pictures from last week with the theme "M", so I have been enjoying them a bit belatedly, as well as your photos of Maui from Monday. Oh my, you sure do live in a fabulous spot on this planet earth!! Makes me want to pack my bags and turn my back on Germany once and for all. :-) Nice shoot out shots. Debby

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots! I love Finding Nemo - too cute! And that wagon brought back a lot of memories. The barbed wire - very cool. Great job.

Natalie said...

I loved the canon shots and the mermaid and hula statues.Top stuff.

Barry said...

All those photos and free parking too!

I really enjoyed this post!

Simply Heather said...

It's a wonderful treat to see the metals found in Hawaii :)

Doreen said...

I hope you remember where that parking meter is so you can use it again. nice. I think my fav is the old rusty wagon. childhood memories......mine are a little rusty like that wagon :-)

Kim said...

What a nice journey on Waikiki...fabulous shots...really loved the barbed wire one, oh and the radio flyer...okay all of them!

My husband and I are visiting for 10 days your part of the world in January...I can't wait!!!

hensly said...

Sarah Lulu - Yeah, if I'm in Waikiki again I'm gonna check for that meter!

Chele - thanks for your comment!

Debby - i just had to look down the barrels of those tanks!. I've only been to the Army museum a few times in my entire life!

Barry - yup, free parking in Waikiki is like finding free parking in New York or Tokyo... Score!

Audrey - The barb wire shot was just coincidence, I saw "da Store" sign in the distance and decided to frame it.

Natalie - The Mermaid was one of my favorite shots also!

Simply Heather - Hawaii isn't really known for its metals. I just took pictures of anything metalic in Waikiki!

Doreen - I remember having a radio flyer when I was young also... not quite as rusty though!

Kim - Enjoy your trip! If you happen to be on Oahu check out the links on the right collumn for 1) places to go, 2)things to see and 3) places to eat. Let me know if you have any questions - Aloha

Patty said...

Whoo Hoo! Free parking!

I really love all of your shots, Hensly. That wagon could be anywhere, couldn't it?

Love the silhouette, the newsbox, of course, and the tank. All those pretty colors. Looks like it would have been a good target for someone.

You take care and have a great weekend.

Thanks again for joining us. I have been behind (gets crazy in the summer months around the newspaper) but I try to catch up when I get time.

Always enjoy your photos of your beautiful state.

Linda said...

It figures the free parking in Hawaii would appeal to Barry. Visiting Hawaii is getting closer every day!=D Finding Nemo is my favourite all time movie. Keep swimming...... I love your metal images of that. The windy day you chose to capture the Hula dancing worked because the palm branches are blowning in circles mimicking the movements of the hands and hips of the dancers. Great photography!

Butler and Bagman said...

One of the first time a picture of tanks left me rolling in laughter...what wonderful camouflage colors. It would work well if they were attacking Disneyland.

Kelly said...

My favorite is the meter! Very cool shots!

hensly said...

Patty - I wasn't expecting to see a radio-flyer on the side of a boat harbor. I just had to take a pic.

Linda - The hula sculptures were taken from a weird angle with the palm trees swaying. I didn't anticipate that effect but thanks for pointing that thing out!

Butler and Bagman - Those Japanese tanks sure stand out yeah? I'm not sure why they would paint them that way but they make a great picture!

Kelly - The meter is one of my favorites also. It reminds me of two words - FREE PARKING!

GingerV said...

finally I am catching up on looking at everyones M and metal - where is your 'colors of the rainbow' this is something you should have a lot of. will check back in a couple of days to see if you posted late. if you had the 'followers' widget would help be keep track of you. the gang has gotten so big it is hard to remember to check everyone's blog.

GigiSxm said...

cool texture