Sunday, February 17, 2008

Vegas Baby!

Vegas... The ninth (Hawaiian) island. My Uncle and his family moved to Las Vegas yesterday. The house they bought in Henderson is bigger, newer and a lot cheaper. To me, Vegas is like my second home. I've been to Vegas more times than anywhere else in the world. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a gambler, I go there to see family. With my uncle moving up, I have another reason to go. I like to use Vegas as a home base. Hiking in Arizona, snowboarding in Utah, perhaps a day trip to Cali. All is within reach from Las Vegas.

More Vegas Photos!

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The ALTOIDSE® said...

Whoa, you're keeping updating! Good job! hehe Yeah, I love Vegas too. I've been there twice because I have my American mommy and daddy over there ;) I can have a lot of fun even without "GAMBLING", like looking around amazing hotels, trying some roller coasters, visiting nearby national parks or someting.

BTW, I've just changed the URL of my blog. I don't like to post it here, so I'll let you know by email later for sure!