Friday, July 18, 2008

Jack Johnson - Taylor

"Taylor" is my favorite Jack Johnson song. Having Ben Stiller for comic relief doesn't hurt either!

Jack Johnson puts on an annual benefit concert called the Kokua Festival. The festival benefits The Kokua Hawaii Foundation which address environmental concerns around the islands. The last festival featured local and mainland acts including Tim Reynolds and Dave Matthews.


REETRO said...

This vid is awesome. Can't stop laugh. That's why I love Ben Stiller. He rules!

hensly said...

Yeah, I love the video also. I believe Ben Stiller was in Hawaii to film "Tropic Thunder" on Kauai. You can bet I'll have a blog entry for that one!

REETRO said...

For real? Was the Tropic Thunder shot not in Vietnam but in Hawaii? haha. I didn't know they were on Kauai though. By the way, I heard the movie is real funny, even funnier than Pineapple Express contrary to my expectations. Must see!