Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Dillingham Airfield

I was at Camp Mokuleia for a church camp. I couldn't help but notice the brighly-colored parachutes landing across the street at Dillingham Airfield. Since I had my camera handy, I decided to take some pics.

I heard that during certain parts of the year one of the skydiving companies offers a $99 tandem jump. I haven't tried skydiving yet, but at that price I'll be willing to give it a try!


REETRO said...

Are you SURE!? I never think I'll be willing to try it at all because I'm scared of heights... Even the roller coatsers make my head spin. Such awkward, huh? :D

By the way, I'm a huge fan of Mclovin.
"A vest. I thought it would make me look older."
"You look like Pinocchio."

I'm gonna watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall soon too. so excited!

hensly said...

You know, I still haven't seen "Superbad" (Mclovin) or "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"(I don't watch movies that much).I can however, appreciate their references to Hawaii. Like you said, - Hilarious!

REETRO said...

I watched the Sara Marshall a few days ago. It was not that bad and I actually laughed in the several secenes, but I love Superbad better. No one can beat Fogell! haha

hensly said...

Superbad huh? I gotta watch it sometime. One of the kids in our youth group has a "I am Mclovin" T-shirt - Gotta love it!

BTW - Glad to hear that you're feeling better!