Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

Jason Mraz is back in the islands for Band Camp 6 with fellow headliners; 311 and Augustana at the Waikiki Shell. If I wasn't working today I would be there for sure!

I'm not a big fan of Jason Mraz. However I love the Hawaiian-inspired video and I gotta admit... the song is kinda catchy!

The video features footage from various Hawaiian islands and includes my favorite hiking / waterfall spot called Maunawili Falls.

The place where the three girls jumped into the water is called Maunawili Falls. Past the falls, you will find moss-covered rocks that act like a natural water-slide. Who needs Hawaiian Waters?


REETRO said...

Jason Mraz! He's as cool as this vid! :D Are you going to the concert of his next month?

hensly said...

A friend and I are seriously considering going to the concert... Not so much for Jason Mraz but for the other bands on the bill.