Friday, August 22, 2008

Hawaii Olympians

Update: 8/22/08:
Both Hawaii Olympians pictured below are now GOLD medalists! Congratulations to Bryan Clay (Decathlon) & Natasha Kai (Soccer).

Pictured in this "Got Milk" advertisement for the 2008 Olympic games are Hawaii athletes; Natasha Kai (seated, right with tatoos) and Brian Clay (behind Natasha).

Other notable Hawaii athletes at the Olympics:
Clay Stanley - Volleyball (Gold Medalist)
Heather Bown, Kim Willoughby, Robyn Amo-Santos - Volleyball (Silver Medalists)


EJ said...

Hey Henry, I think that you have a great blog. I finally linked it to my blog which I need to write on more often.

Now we live in Mission Viejo California. It's a beautiful place and you have to visit us.

hensly said...

Thanks EJ, Good to hear from you! I'm planning a trip to the Cali next year, I'll let you know when I'm there.